How to connect Epson L365 Ink Tank printer to a wireless network in infrastructure mode

To set it up Epson L365 Ink Tank printer properly with a Wireless Connection in Infrastructure mode, it can only be done on a Windows computer with the StartUp CD that came with the printer. If the Start Up CD is lost or damaged, the printer software and drivers can be downloaded by visiting the Epson site.

Connect the printer to a Windows computer using the USB cable that came with it. Install the driver on a Windows computer and then install EpsonNetSetup. Next install EpsonNetConfig*.exe. Once that is done, select All Programs -> EpsonNet -> EpsonNet Config* -> EpsonNet Config and then start setting the printer in infrastructure mode.

After above setup, the printer will also be visible to Linux computers on the network. Note that in Linux, the Epson L365 Ink Tank printer can only be set up with WiFi Protected Security (WPS), which has it’s own limitations.