How to fix excessive CPU usage by process tumblerd on XFCE desktop in Linux

Noticed that each time I added or downloaded a file, it resulted in excessive use of the CPU. This happens on XFCE desktop in Linux. Looking up the process list, found that tumblerd was utilizing up to 86% of the CPU and leading all other applications and processes to be very slow. Tumbler is used to generate thumbnails for files on the computer.

On the internet, the solution is to either remove tumbler using:
$ sudo apt-get remove tumbler <enter>


Edit the tumblerd configuration file at this location /etc/xdg/tumbler/tumbler.rc and Disable the thumbnailing of files by type.

I preferred to edit the configuration file as follows from a terminal window:
$ gksudo mousepad /etc/xdg/tumbler/tumbler.rc <enter>

Now find Disabled=false, and replace with Disabled=true for all those files that you do not want a thumbnail to be generated. I chose to do all the files. After all, tumblerd was the cause of much angst šŸ™‚

Save the file, logout and then login again. You will no more be bothered by tumblerd overusing the CPU.