How to install and run Turbo C 2.01 for DOS in DOSBOX in linux

After sooo many years, discovered that students in India were asked to do projects in Turbo C 2.01 in DOS. Amazing, but true!

That being the case, you can download Turbo C 2.01 for MS DOS from for free. It is antique software and embarcadero acquired it way back. They offer it as a free download after you register with them. Go ahead, register, download and install it.

If you are on Windows, no need to do anything other than unzip and use it.

If you use Linux, then install dosbox from your distribution’s repository.

Open a terminal window.
Create a folder for dosbox which will be mounted to C:> within dosbox.
$ mkdir ~/mycdrive <enter>

Copy the file into ~/mycdrive:
$ cp ~/mycdrive <enter>

Start dosbox
$ dosbox <enter>

In the DOSBOX application window, mount mycdrive as a C:> in dosbox as:
Z:>mount c ~/mycdrive <enter>
You will see a message as Drive C is mounted as local directory homeusermycdrive
Z:>c: <enter>
C:>dir <enter>
You will now see therein.

Exit DOSBOX application.

To install, you need to unzip it and install Turbo C 2.01 as an application in DOSBOX. As we do not have UNZIP or PKZIP.EXE in dosbox, we need to unzip it from Linux. Start up the Linux File Manager, navigate to mycdrive and unzip

We only need DISK1 folder and not 3 folders as were unzipped. Navigate to DISK2, copy all content (files and folders) into DISK1. Similarly, navigate to DISK3 and copy all content into DISK1.

Restart DOSBOX application. Check if the folder now exists.
C:>DIR <enter>
C:>CD TC201DISK1 <enter>

Enter source drive as C and press ENTER.
When asked, scroll to Start Installation and press ENTER. Once installed, navigate to the Turbo C application folder and run it as follows:
C:TC201DISK1>CD TC <enter>
C:>TC <enter>