Got an ANT VR head set, here is how to view movies on it

I bought an ANT VR headgear and on first use, found that the video I played was in landscape mode alright, but it was not viewable properly. I could see wrong image and distorted. Finally, I realized that we need an application to split the movie into 2 distinct images on the phone display for it to be properly visible using the 2 lenses of the ANT VR headgear.

If you are one of those gadget freaks who bought an ANT VR headgear that works with the Lenovo Note, and own a different device altogether, then no worries, you can still view movies with any phone, by installing the Panagola SBS application.

Basically, to use the ANT VR headgear, you need an application to split the movie image into 2 side by side pictures on the phone screen and Panagola SBS does that with no frills attached. If you want to view YouTube videos in the headgear, then you can purchase the Pro version at a nominal cost from the Google Play Store.