How to make your Android phone speak out text using Text To Speech

When it comes to using the default Google Text To Speech in Settings for making an Android phone speak out to you, there is a lot of complexity to deal with. Also, the fear that Google TTS wants you to select if it should read out your passwords to you. Put in a nutshell, Google TTS was designed to make Text to Speech friendly from an accessibility standpoint. However, reading PDF files with such complex settings options is a waste of time and not easy to set up for everyone.

To overcome this issue, you can download and install:

  1. Voice Aloud Reader. It reads any text file you open in it. The free version has ads and consumes your data pack, whereas the paid version is too good and does not serve ads.
  2. TTS Reader. This is freeware and has no intrusive permissions. It requires that you copy the PDF file contents the clip board, paste them into the app and it will read out the content. Disadvantage, copy and paste for each file that you want read out aloud to you. However, no ads.