Crossover Office and SimpleMind Desktop for Windows on Linux

It took a while to find out the big difference between Wine and Crossover Office. I use a Mind Mapping software SimpleMind Pro on an Android device to create mind maps to learn new subjects rapidly. SimpleMind Pro saves files direct to Dropbox or Google Drive and you can open these files on any Windows computer if you use Windows.

I use Ubuntu, so the big issue was to open SimpleMind Pro mind maps in Ubuntu without breaking the desktop :-). The solution… Crossover Office with SimpleMind Desktop. After a successful, it convinced me that you can work magic with Ubuntu using Crossover and any Windows software.

The above can be done as follows:
1. Head over to Crossover Office and download the latest package.
2. Head over to SimpleMind and download the SimpleMind Desktop software
3. Install Crossover Office
4. Start Crossover Office and install SimpleMind Desktop executable.
5. After that, you are free to enjoy the software.

There are no special settings to be done and this solution worked out of the box.