How to report Unsolicited Commercial Communication to TRAI (Unwanted SMS and Calls)

Many times, we receive unwanted SMS or voice calls from people who market services or offer goods when we are registered on the “Do Not Disturb (DND)” lists of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

These telemarketers do not validate your status on the Do No Disturb database and send you marketing messages or call you to offer services or products. Some people like to receive these messages, but some just detest being disturbed. Collectively, these communications are called “Unsolicited Commercial Communication” or UCC.

If a person is registered on the DND and receives such UCC, a complaint can be lodged with their telephone company, giving the source, date, time and message received in summary. The telephone company will then proceed to lodge a complaint with the caller’s telephone company and ask them to disconnect the caller’s number.

In short, unsolicited communication can be controlled by contacting the telephone operator.
To contact Airtel DND complaints online, visit or write email to, to lodge a complaint against a telemarketer.
To contact Vodafone DND complaints online, visit to lodge a complaint against a telemarketer.

In case you do not wish to do so over the Internet and have multiple telephone services, you can download TRAI’s very friendly DND app from the Google Play Store at this link

It works like a charm. You get additional features like:
1. Ability to register for the DND service
2. Ability to mark messages and calls received from the app itself.
3. Authentic registration of your complaint with TRAI and guaranteed redressal.
4. History of telemarketers you blocked over time.
5. No need to remember your DND registration number. It is all taken care by the app.

Nothing beats this app to manage DND in a fast and convenient way.