How to install LineageOS on Samsung Tab P-3110

I had installed CyanogenMod on a Samsung Tab P-3110 a while ago. It was KitKat, and served it’s purpose well. The Samsung Tab P-3110 was fully functional, with a very good Privacy Guard feature and above all, “root”.

After CyanogenMod’s demise, LineageOS version 13.0, a Marshmallow version afforded the opportunity to upgrade the ROM from CyanogenMod to LineageOS v 13.0 (Marshmallow), with the latest patch levels.

Thanks to the good folks at LineageOS, the Samsung P-3110 tablet can be upgraded as follows. Note that you are responsible for whatever you do or happens to your device.

Refer the installation instructions on the LineageOS wiki at

Below steps are what I did to install LineageOS 13.0 on the tab in a terminal window in Linux:
Download LinegeOS v 13.0 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab P-3110 (espressowifi) from this link using:
$ wget -c <enter>

Verify the MD5 signature as follows:
$ md5sum <enter>
Match is with md5sum: 1011a632b037df3eced16e2c8415a3d0

Download opengapps from

Copy the files and opengapps*.zip to a SD card and insert into the Samsung Tab P-3110.

Next, boot to recovery and install the lineageos*.zip file first. Then reboot, power off the tab and then install the opengapps*.zip file.

Note that as the P-3110 tab had CyanogenMod earlier, it had a version of PhilZ which was much better to manage the installation. Refer to the instructions on the LineageOS wiki to install TWRP recovery on the tablet.