Motorola G4 Plus (MotoG4Plus) ghost touch when charging workaround

This is not a fix, but workarounds, that may or may not work (like Snake Oil). The real fix lies with the Motorola Service Center, and till such time, these workarounds can be attempted.

Motorola quality has been sinking over time. The bottom of that sinkhole is the Motorola G4 Plus mobile phone. On Amazon India, 50% of the buyers have complaints with this handset and the biggest and worst complaint is that the phone suffers from Ghost Touch also known as Phantom Touch when charging. Some have experienced this while charging, and some experience it all the time.

To those experiencing the issue while charging, they are advised not to use the phone while it charges, which is a retrograde step that has resulted in loss of faith in Motorola’s quality. That is not the solution, nor is it a fix. The fix is the hardware repair that Motorola needs to do and the workarounds that can be used are given below, to reduce the problem of Ghost Touch.

  1. Turn on Adaptive Brightness in Settings -> Display. Some users find this works.
  2. Go to Battery, select Battery Optimization and set Google Now and System UI to ‘Not Optimized’.
  3. Some have reported fix by reducing the Pointer Speed in Settings -> Languages and Input.
  4. Use a normal charger and not a turbo charger or even the charger that came with the phone.
  5. Charge phone from a power bank. There is no ghost touch except when charging from a wall outlet with a turbo charger.