How to install Java 8 SE and run Income Tax India ITR 2019 Java utilities in Linux

Those who want to run the ITR Java utilities released by the Income Tax Department India on Linux, must note that Java 8 SE is no more supported by Oracle. It is outdated and has security bugs which have been fixed in future versions. Future versions do not run the ITR utilities.

Follow below at your own risk and consequence.

The ITR utilities rely upon Java FX. In Java 8 SE, Java FX was within Java 8 SE, but current Java versions onwards, Java FX is a separate toolkit. It will not be installed.

To install with openjdk on Ubuntu systems, open a terminal window and type:
$ sudo apt-get install openjdk openjfx <enter>

Note that even after performing above step, the ITR utility will not work. To that effect, the above step, though gives the latest Java 11 environment, will not work for the ITR utilities as they are compiled with Java FX using the Sun libraries i.e. Java 8 SE.

With above background, we cannot use the latest Java with the ITR utility. Therefore, download the Java 8 SDK from here

Once downloaded Java 8 SE, do the following steps after opening a terminal window:
$ cd ~/Downloads <enter>
$ tar -xvf jdk1.8*.tgz <enter>
$ cd ~/Downloads/jdk1.8.0_221 <enter>
$ cp ~/Downoads/ ~/Downloads/jdk1.8.0_221 <enter>
$ cd ~/Downloads/jdk1.8.0_221 <enter>
$ unzip <enter>
$ bin/java -jar ITR-2_AY201920_PR2.2.jar <enter>

The ITR utility works now.

Given the current state of Java 8 SE, the developers of the ITR utilities must move to Java 11 at least, or find a better alternative for Linux systems to make the utilities are cross-platform. It would be best they move to Open JDK for Linux and Windows and develop the utility using Java FX from here.

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