Shared hosting and WordPress

WordPress had recently upgraded it’s code to work with PHP 7. Subsequently, each time I logged into the hosting provider account, I was always reminded by WordPress to upgrade the WordPress code and stay up to date with the latest security patches.

Unfortunately, the hosting provider informed that the latest PHP 7 scripting language could only be upgraded on a dedicated hosting plan and not on a shared server hosting plan.

Further, the WordPress site would not work correctly, especially when responding to comments and updating post. Guess, these were related to scripting language, as patches would only get applied after PHP version upgrade. This was indeed frustrating. I decided to move over to WordPress. Why waste time waiting on script updates to apply a patch by spending more on unwanted dedicated hosting?

After relocating site to WordPress hosting, found that the following advantages were realised:

  1. SSL certificate for site on
  2. No sweat updating WordPress at any time
  3. Blogging from a mobile device, be it iPhone or Android
  4. Less expensive compared to dedicated hosting and having own WordPress instance.

Now that it works this far, will have a cup of tea and observe how it performs.