Install Lineage OS 16.0 on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Installing Lineage OS 16.0 is well-explained at

Follow the steps below and your own risk and I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device. The below steps are from my experience and there is no assurance or guarantee that they will work for you.

Make sure you have installed the Android SDK tools adb and fastboot. You can refer on how to install them.

Also, make sure your phone’s bootloader is unlocked.

Get LineageOS 16.0 latest unofficial release from

Get TWRP from
Validate the md5sum.

Next step is to enable Developer options on the phone by tapping 7 times on Build Number in Settings -> About.

Go into Developer Options and enable USB Debugging.

Copy twrp downloaded after opening a terminal window as follows:
$ cp ~/twrp-3.3.1-0-whyred.img ~/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/twrp.img <enter>

Now switch on the phone with the USB Debugging enabled. Make sure that you use a USB 2.0 hub if your laptop has no USB 2.0 port. VERY IMPORTANT If you use the USB 3.0 or other port, fastboot will not transfer any file.

From the computer open a terminal window and type below to take the phone into the bootloader mode:
$ cd ~/Android/Sdk/platform-tools <enter>

$ sudo ./adb reboot bootloader <enter>

When you give above command, a message is displayed on the phone asking you to accept the keys. Go ahead and accept them. The phone will boot into fastboot mode and the phone will be able to receive the recovery from the computer.

To send the twrp.img (recovery) file to the phone, enter the following command:
$ sudo ./fastboot flash recovery twrp.img <enter>
This should show that it sent the recovery to the phone.

Next reboot the phone. This did not work for me.
$ sudo ./fastboot reboot <enter>

On power off and pressing Vol Up + Power, I got the MI recovery menu. Maybe I pressed the keys too late. Make sure you keep them pressed. The TWRP recovery will survive stock recovery if this is done, else all above steps have to be repeated again.

Above command caused TWRP not to be rebooted. Therefore, I used the below command:
$ sudo ./fastboot boot twrp.img <enter>

This now shows the TWRP menu. Next, reboot the phone.
$ sudo ./fastboot reboot <enter>

Now you have twrp installed. Go head and do the below steps. Get the full Pie Firmware latest from
Select firmware, enter whyred, click Download
You will see stable option. I used the V10.3.2.0.PEIMIXM for Android 9. Latest file was

If your device already runs the MIUI 10 latest update, then no need for above step.

Now download LineageOS 16.0 unofficial by subhrajyoti from

Install it using TWRP by pressing Vol Up + Power buttons on the phone.

Note that BHIM app does not run on Omnirom and Resurrection Remix