How to run India income tax Java utilities on Linux Mint 20 or Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or Fedora 32

From Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or LinuxMint 20, the Java 8 SDK or Java 8 Runtime Environment is in the repository, but the openjfx libraries are not of version 8 but of version 11. To overcome error, you can use the Zulu Java runtime for version 8 with JavaFX. Also, these steps can work on Fedora 32. To do so, open a terminal window and enter the following commands:

  1. Download the Zulu Java Runtime Environment from Azul site
  2. Untar the file from the downloaded folder (~/Downloads) into the /usr/lib/jvm folder
    $ cd /usr/lib/jvm <enter>
    $ sudo tar -zxvf ~/Downloads/zulu8.48.0.51-ca-fx*.gz <enter>
  3. Rename it to zulu8 for convenience
    $ sudo mv zulu8.48.0.51-ca-fx-jre8.0.262-linux_x64 zulu8 <enter>
    $ cd ~/Downloads <enter>
  4. Now try to run the Java ITR utilities of India income tax return
    $ /usr/lib/jvm/zulu8/bin/java -jar ITR-1_AY202021_PR2.jar <enter>

The utility should run now.

For Fedora Linux if using openjdk, see here

4 thoughts on “How to run India income tax Java utilities on Linux Mint 20 or Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or Fedora 32

  1. Hello, this is Perfect, exactly what i needed.
    There is one small error in the last command. “/usr/lib/jvm/zulu/bin/java -jar ITR-1_AY202021_PR2.jar”
    Since the folder name has been changed to zulu8, the command has to be adjusted accordingly.

    Another thing ist the jar File name, that changes according to the version of ITR downloaded. But that’s quite obvious. Also for clarity sake, maybe it will be helpful to include instructions about where and how to extract the zip file downloaded from Income Tax Website. The article assumes that the ITR has been downloaded and extracted directly into Downloads. I agree that its likely to be downloaded in Downloads directory, but the extraction will likely be into a subfolder in Downloads directory. The “cd ~/Downloads” command will also need to be adjusted accordingly.
    These are small things which can easily be corrected by the user himself. I just wanted to share where i stumbled a little.

    Thank you again for the wonderful article.

    Would you also be so nice to help with another topic? Installing HPLIP on Linux Mint 20. It stops when it fails to install Python 3 qt4/qt5. I have searched and searched but haven’t found a solution anywhere,


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