How to change the price retrieval source for stock quote in GnuCash

Recently, I wanted to change the stock quote source for the stocks in GnuCash. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. To retrieve the stock quotes for National Stock Exchange or Bombay Stock Exchange in India, use Yahoo as JSON as the source.
  2. To find the stock quote and abbreviation, visit the Yahoo Finance at on the internet and look up the stock quote.
  3. Start GnuCash. Then go to Tools -> Security Editor. There I chose the old MumbaiStock Namespace -> Symbol and in my case the stock was GVK Power. Click on it, and then the Edit button.
  4. Here change the Symbol/Abbreviation to GVKPIL.BO, Display Symbol to GVKPIL.BO and the Type to BO. Type of Quote Source to be Single and choose Yahoo as JSON from the list of sources.
  5. Now go to Tools -> Price Database -> Get Quotes.

This should now work. This Accounts List will show the stock as GVKPIL.BO next to the quantity. Check in the Advanced Portfolio Report if the change was successful.