How to improve performance of Linux Mint XFCE on old computer

Decrease swappiness whereby the use of swap is curtailed
$ cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness <enter>
returns the value of swappiness which is 60 initially. Make this 20 as follows:
$ sudo xed /etc/sysctl.conf <enter>
Add a line to the end of the file
Save the file.

Disable Java in Libreoffice
Open Libreoffice Writer.
Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Java Options
Uncheck Java Runtime Environment.

Turn off unwanted startup applications in Session and Startup -> Application Autostart
Uncheck the below in the start up applications
a. System Reports
b. Warpinator
c. mintWelcome

Remove unwanted fonts
$ sudo apt-get remove "fonts-kacst" "fonts-khmeros" fonts-lklug-sinhala fonts-guru-extra "fonts-nanum" fonts-noto-cjk "fonts-takao" fonts-tibetan-machine fonts-lao fonts-sil-padauk fonts-sil-abyssinica "fonts-tlwg-" fonts-beng-extra fonts-gargi fonts-gubbi fonts-gujr-extra fonts-kalapi "fonts-samyak" fonts-navilu fonts-nakula fonts-orya-extra fonts-pagul fonts-sarai "fonts-telu" "fonts-wqy" "fonts-smc*" fonts-deva-extra fonts-sahadeva <enter>

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig <enter>

Remove flatpak completely
$ sudo apt-get purge flatpak <enter>

Remove mlocate to reduce the disk search & seek time.
$ sudo apt-get purge mlocate <enter>

Improve display performance if using XFCE desktop
In Settings -> Desktop Settings replace Xfwm4 + Compositing to Xfwm4-Compton.

Remove compiz for good as it is not of much use
$ sudo apt-get remove compiz-core <enter>

Tweak Firefox for performance
Start up firefox and in the URL box enter about:config. Accept the risk. Refer this post.

Restart firefox and see the improvement.

Periodically go to about:support in Firefox. Look for Places Database and click on Verify Integrity to reduce firefox bloat.

Lastly, never use applications like bleachbit to clean or optimize.

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