Code Snippets Manager or Things List Manager on Linux for app developers or normal users

Working as a developer has it’s house-keeping that needs to be done on a regular basis. Developers can save time using code snippets managers whose key feature is to store code snippets with code formatting, tips, tricks, information nuggets, all gained during the course of application development.

The same code snippets for an ordinary user are simple things list or things to do list or a repository of information nuggets normal folk gather daily. These can be links to sites, important news, any names of items like movies, or music, books, articles, quotes that they can capture and use a code snippet manager to store for future reference and easy search. It just gets rid of having txt files with this information all over the place or one big txt file that become unwieldy later.

Notion, Google Keep and several other tools are available. These applications masscode, trillium-notes, 3cols, tagmycode, obsidian, zim, rednotebook, cherrytree are also popular.

Whilst masscode, trillium-notes, 3cols, tagmycode, obsidian are all available on the internet and various other platforms, the offline tools for a Linux user are zim, obsidian, rednotebook and cherrytree. Cherrytree also has database encryption. Obsidian did support encryption but it’s primitive or it can only be applied to certain lines of text which is ideal for a team work tool.

As simple offline tools, Zim, RedNoteBook did fit in, but the encryption feature was not available. Zim, RedNoteBook and cherrytree are packaged in the Linux distro, but obsidian is an appimage. There is also an Android app that can read CherryTree files and it is in early stages of development at If snap is enabled on Linux Mint, snap or appimage packages for masscode and obsidian can be installed.

Choose per convenience.

3 thoughts on “Code Snippets Manager or Things List Manager on Linux for app developers or normal users

  1. Why not giving a try to Codiga? It’s free (if you do not share private snippets with your team), has a client for Linux, lets you sync all your snippets with VS Code, JetBrains and lets you create snippets from Google Chrome.

    Would love to have your feedback about our tool!

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    1. Thanks for such a wonderful tool. Could you package the Linux client as a .deb or .rpm file? Some Linux users don’t use snap or appimages as their computers are frugal on hardware specifications.


      1. Yes, this is planned! We released first the Linux version. We are now releasing the Mac and Windows version and will release other builds for Linux soon!


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