How to install masscode code snippets manager on Linux Mint

masscode is one of the best code snippets managers out there. It works on multiple platforms and devices. However, it is only available as a snap package for Linux. To install it on a Linux Mint system where snap packages are disabled by default requires snap packages to be enabled. Therefore, enable snap packages on Linux Mint and then follow the steps below to install masscode.

Download masscode snap package from

Open a terminal window and enter the below commands to install it.

$ sudo snap install ./masscode*.snap <enter>

Note that the above command does not install snap, but shows the below error message due to a signing issue.

error: cannot find signatures with metadata for snap

Nonetheless, use the below command to force the installation.

$ sudo snap install --dangerous ./masscode_3.3.0_amd64.snap <enter>

Now you can run and use masscode.