Tools to determine privacy safeguards for web sites and apps – Exodus, Blacklight and Chef Koch Blog

Whilst privacy is the buzz word today, the tug of war between how much is revealed and taken versus how much is protected and safeguarded continues unabated.

Towards that end, some privacy tools do enable the decision as an individual on what can be the consequences of using certain applications and web sites.

Exodus – Android Applications
To determine the privacy posture of an Android application on Google Play Store, use Exodus Android Application Privacy tool at Give the app name from google play store and see the permissions it needs. The input is the link to the app on Google Play Store.

BlackLight – Web Sites
Blacklight tool at can be used to determine who is peeking as you use websites. Give a website URL and see the trackers it has.

Chef Koch tech blog – Information for the privacy conscious is Chef Koch’s blog and is the Chef Koch’s forum. The efforts of Chef Koch yield immense value for privacy consccious users and it has a list of applications for the privacy conscious at

Nonetheless, while the world gradually moves to privacy as a premium, the efforts of above tool maintainers help keep keep users aware and alert.