Moving from Atom to Visual Studio Code and it’s extensions on Linux

Application developers would rely on Atom code editor to create code for a while now. However, Atom code editor is now sunset per this The option left now is to migrate to another code editor. And one of the best out there is Visual Studio Code (vscode).

Since most of the work I do is on the Linux platform i.e. Linux Mint, Ubuntu or Fedora, the replacement needed to work on Linux too.

I chose to move to Visual Studio Code (vscode) by Microsoft, that’s available at vscode has a large number of popular features and extensions but I need equivalents to some packages I used in atom. Below is the list of extensions in Visual Studio Code that made it closer to Atom and to some extent even better.

Extensions installed on Visual Studio Code:

  1. Atom Key Map by Microsoft
  2. ESLint by Microsoft
  3. Node.js Modules Intellisense by Zongmin Lei
  4. Prettier – Code Formatter by Prettier
  5. Toggle Column Selection by Erik P. Hansen
  6. vsCode-Pigments by Jasper De Moor
  7. Bootstrap 5 QuickSnippets by Anbuselvan Rocky

As I learn more vscode, will update the above list with any other extensions that I install.