Thunar file manager does not show archiving options in the menu upon right click

Thunar File Manager on Xubuntu did not display the options of Extract or Extract Here... when right clicking on an archive file. This was because the thunar-archive-plugin is not installed. To get the option to extract archive files, open a terminal window and install the thunar-archive-plugin as below: $ sudo apt-get install thunar-archive-plugin <enter>

Read Outlook Express .PST File in Linux

To read .pst files created by Microsoft Outlook Express in Linux, you need the libpst package from the distribution's repository. # yum install libpst <enter> # exit To read the pst file, you can use the readpst command in the Linux shell. readpst allows you to export the .pst file to any format for use … Continue reading Read Outlook Express .PST File in Linux