Things to do after Fedora Linux install

So you have now upgraded to the latest Fedora Linux Operating System? Congratulations. You will now need to learn how to use the Gnome 3 desktop environment and also customize your desktop and install additional software. Below is a list of things you can do after you have install Fedora 16 on your computer. Improve … Continue reading Things to do after Fedora Linux install

Install Clamtk (Clam Anti-virus)

# yum install clamtk <enter> For clamtk installation, if you get error cannot parse freshclam.conf. Do following: # vi /etc/freshclam.conf  <enter> Locate #Example and remove it from the freshclam.conf file . Look for database.XY and replace with database.IN for India. Now start clamtk and you should be able to update antivirus signatures. $ freshclam <enter> … Continue reading Install Clamtk (Clam Anti-virus)

Clamav antivirus on Linux

# yum install clamtk This installs all of clamav antivirus on your system. It also installs the GUI virus scanner clamtk. Once this is installed, edit /etc/freshclam.conf Search for an unremarked line starting with Example. Remark it by putting a # before Example. If you do not do the above step, you will get following … Continue reading Clamav antivirus on Linux