Firefox on Android

After a long time, finally Firefox works very well on Android. Download it from the Google Playstore. Make sure you also get the following add-ons: 1. Adblock Plus (blocks ads while surfing) 2. Ghostery (Blocks cookies, trackers) 3. Clean Quit (Quits after deleting cookies etc) If you do attend any online education courses or webinars, … Continue reading Firefox on Android

Firefox add-ons you should never surf without

The firefox web browser has been a game-changer for most of us who use it. Once used, we do not want to go back to Internet Explorer. When you install firefox on your computer or smartphone, you should also install the following handy add-ons available on their web site: Add OnDescriptionDesktopAndroidAd Block PlusHelps to get … Continue reading Firefox add-ons you should never surf without