How to hash files in Windows 10 into a file

Getting the MD5 hash of a file on Linux is very easy. However, in Windows, there are several utilities, but using Windows internally inbuilt command certutil, it can be done as follows in the Windows shell: C:>for /r %%f in(x) do (certutil -hashfile "%%f" MD5) >> output.txt output.txt will contain the files with their MD5 … Continue reading How to hash files in Windows 10 into a file

Multiple Wireless LANs WRT54G2 – Allow guests to use your WLAN

You have a wireless router at home. There are occasions when you have guests at your home, and they require to access the internet over your Wireless Network. Unfortunately, the default firmware on the Cisco / Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router does not allow you to have a separate WLAN access password for your guests. In … Continue reading Multiple Wireless LANs WRT54G2 – Allow guests to use your WLAN

Secure disposal of paper records

More often than not, in India, several organizations, private and public, including individuals dispose paper records without shredding them. The scrap collector is called in to pick the whole lot as they are, without even shredding them. The scrap collector then sorts these into paper that can be used elsewhere, like that by street vendors … Continue reading Secure disposal of paper records and your personal information

Recently, ( has introduced a slew of new features. Most features are introduced to enhance your experience with using the site, but there are others that appear very useful, but have some concerns over the information you have that you can control on the site. When you create profiles on social networking sites … Continue reading and your personal information

RSA Secure ID vulnerability

Like erstwhile forts, security relies upon defense in depth and also upon the security of other infrastructure elements, that a particular service depends on. If the crocodiles in the moat around the fort die, then you have a vulnerability that can compromise the security of the fort. Therefore, this item illustrates a key element, … Continue reading RSA Secure ID vulnerability