How to set up Contact Groups in Android (Marshmallow / Lollipop)

In Android 5 (Lollipop), I had set up my contacts with groups that were easy to manage and follow. Eg: Friends, Family, etc. Did not understand how that categorization came about. After applying the Android 6 (Marshmallow) upgrade, I realized that I could not set up Contact Groups. By habit, I had disabled unwanted system … Continue reading How to set up Contact Groups in Android (Marshmallow / Lollipop)

Integrate Evolution Contacts into Thunderbird

If you migrated from the Evolution PIM to Thunderbird, you will find that the contacts list in Thunderbird is not able to display all the address book elements that were entered in the Evolution PIM address book. Also, Thunderbird cannot synchronize contacts with the mobile phones. To overcome this issue, do not kill the Contacts … Continue reading Integrate Evolution Contacts into Thunderbird