Where did ffmpeg on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS go? Use avconv instead

ffmpeg was replaced by libav on the new Ubuntu package list. It is similar, though. ffmpeg -> avconv ffplay -> avplay ffserver -> avserver You can still convert media files using avconv in place of ffmpeg. To install avconv, open a terminal window and type following commands:$ sudo apt-get install libav-tools <enter>

Install Handbrake on Fedora 18

Unfortunately, there is currently no pre-built RPM file for HandBrake for Fedora 64 bit version. If you need HandBrake to do video transcoding and conversion on Fedora, you need to download the source code for HandBrake from http://handbrake.fr and compile the code yourself. You can follow the steps below to do so: Start up a … Continue reading Install Handbrake on Fedora 18

Convert VCD to MPG using vcdimager

Use the vcdimager tool. To install type command as shown below after opening up a terminal window as described here. # yum install vcdimager <enter> To convert to MPG file, type command as shown below: $ vcdxrip --track=7 --no-ext-psd --gui --progress --nofiles <enter> To combine 2 MPG files into one: $ cat file1.mpg file2.mpg > … Continue reading Convert VCD to MPG using vcdimager

Create correct MP4 files for playback on Nokia E63

Download HandBrake from http://handbrake.fr/downloads.php Install it and use it to convert from AVI to MP4. Select IPOD from the list of options. Also, for best playback without stutter, reduce the bitrate for video to about 192 - 300. Audio has to be AAC with 128 kbits or less for better performance. In the H264 tab, … Continue reading Create correct MP4 files for playback on Nokia E63