About Ask Me About Linux

Afraid to tread on uncharted territory? Are you scared of testing the waters? Would you like to save money? Would you like to try an alternative to Windows? Learn how to protect your computer? Save some money using free open-source tools that are cross-platform (work on Windows and Linux)? How can it be done? These are some of the questions that people have when they try something new, like Open Source and Linux.

The objective of this site is to give you practical information about Linux, Information Security, Information Technology, how you can benefit from it, put it to day to day use, save money and solve common problems. There are many like this one, but this is over 20 years of actual experience put together working with Linux as the primary desktop operating system. Why the Desktop? Because, it was used when it was still a baby and graphical user interfaces were next to impossible for the ordinary person to setup, and the fact that it is now much more user-friendly, secure and a more viable alternative to Windows.

From Red Hat 5 to the latest versions of Fedora today and Ubuntu latest versions in between, it has been a big leap, and we have all those folks who made this possible to thank. One small step for man kind, one big leap for ‘tux’ kind! No other way to describe this experience. It was worth every minute of the effort that went into it.

If this site could help you get past the initial fear of Linux and Open Source, resolve your information security and technology queries, it’s objective would have been achieved. Linux is free. You can also follow us on twitter.com (@askmeaboutlinux) for information updates on this site.

Other areas related to mobile phones, information that is good to know too have been covered. Hope these will enable you to find useful information from this site. This site will be constantly updated with solutions to common problems most of us face on our Linux desktops, computer security and information technology. You can also contact me by leaving a comment on the site posts. Will be happy to help for any problems you may have.

Lastly, knowledge not shared is a waste and is lost forever. I do hope you find the knowledge shared of immense value and use to you.

Geetu R. Vaswani

Rajan R. Vaswani