How to reset TP Link WDR4300 router after bad install of OpenWRT LEDE

If you cannot access the LUCI OpenWRT page of the TP Link WDR4300 router, the below may help.

  1. Set PC ip: and subnetmask and gateway
  2. Power off the router
  3. Disconnect the WAN cable
  4. Only connect your PC Ethernet cable to ETH0
  5. Power On the router
  6. Wait for the router to start the boot sequence (SYS LED starts blinking)
  7. When SYS LED is blinking, hit restart button (When SYS LED blinks at faster rate, the router is in fail safe Mode)
  8. Open a terminal window on the PC.

Immediately, type below command and hit enter button while the SYS LED blinks rapidly:
$ telnet <enter>
Note I typed
$ ssh root@ <enter>

Run these commands in the router window.
# mount_root <enter>
This remounts router partitions from read-only to read/write mode.

# firstboot <enter>
This will reset the router after reboot.

# reboot -f <enter>
This will force reboot.

Now login to the web interface using web browser.